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COSEM - COntaminant Spread in the Eastern Mediterranean

Satellite data

Surface currents

Geostrophic surface currents are calculated from satellite altimetery measurements, which are produced by Ssalto/Duacs and distributed by Aviso, with support from Cnes ( In particular, we use the surface currents product derived from the combination of altimetric data from Jason-1&2 and Envisat missions. The dataset is comprised of daily near-real-time anomaly data files, gridded on a 1/8° X 1/8° Mercator grid. In the study area, the datasets do not include measurements at distances of less than ~10 km from the coastline.
As of October 1st 2014, the altimatry product used is the DUACS 2014 product. Information about the new altimetry product is available here.

Surface Chl and temperature

Surface Chl and sea surface temperature (SST) were derived from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) aboard Aqua. The dataset was comprised of 1 km images, obtained from the ocean color data distribution site ( For the near real time system, the product of Copernicus is being used.
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