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Environmental Quality of Israel's Mediterranean Coastal Waters
     These reports present information on the environmental quality of Israel’s Mediterranean coastal waters in the years 2003-2017, based on the National Marine Environmental Monitoring Program (NMEMP) and related activities carried out by the National Institute of Oceanography of Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research (IOLR).The report also presents trends of environmental changes based on analysis of long-term monitoring data.
     The NMEMP is guided by the Marine and Coastal Environment Division of the Ministry of Environment. The aim of the program is to provide a scientific basis for decision making with regard to protection of the marine environment, including enforcement of the provisions of national legislation and international conventions.
Report in the year 2016
Part 1 - climate change and hydrography
Report in the year 2016
Part 2 - biological diversity
Report in the year 2016
Part 3 - pollution
Report in the year 2011 Report in the year 2010
Report in the year 2009 Report in the year 2008
Report in the year 2007 Report in the year 2006
Report in the year 2005 Report in the year 2004
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