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Monitoring of the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is greatly effected by anthropogenic influence. The dramatic decrease in runoff (esp. from the Jordan River) and the use of Dead Sea water in Dead Sea Works Ltd. lead to a rapid drop in sea level (about 1 m/year) as well as a drastic inter-annual changes in the thermohaline structure and water chemical composition. The aim of this project is to monitor these changes in order to:

  • have a better understanding of the processes taking place in the Dead Sea
  • optimize the use of natural resources
  • estimate future changes to hydrologic state of the Dead Sea

The work is carried out in collaboration with The Geological Survey of Israel.

Near Real Time Data

Near Real Time Buoy Position
The Dead Sea
Hydrography & Meteorology
Hydrographic Cruise Data
Long Term Changes Image Galleries

Acknowledgements: These investigations were originally funded by the Israeli Ministry of National Infrastructures, and from 2004 is funded by The North American Friends of IOLR. The pioneering work of Dr. Artur Hecht and Dr. David A. Anati often carried out under the most rduous conditions, was seminal to the disciplined study of this hypersaline lake. Constant support of IOLR electronics department in development and maintenances of electronic equipment are very appreciated. All scientists are grateful to the Moty Gonen Marine Services and Underwater Works company without it this monitoring could not have been carried out.

In recent years we have lost several of the people involved in the Dead Sea research. We honor their memory here

Contact: Isaac Gertman

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