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    The Hydrographic data is acquired through a series of cruises to the deepest part of the Dead Sea (station EG320). The main aim of these cruises is to monitor seasonal and interannual changes of the thermohaline structure of the Dead Sea. Cruises are carried out on a seasonal basis depending on weather conditions and ship availability.  During each cruise we measure a vertical profile of water temperature and quasi salinity on several levels. Each profile includes about 16-20 levels. One profile data is obtained by several casts of 4-5 Niskin bottles. Water temperature is measured by CTD SBE-19 and is quality controlled by comparison to reversing digital thermometers (SIS ). Water samples are stored in constant temperature of about 32°C to avoid salt crystal precipitation. Water density is measured with “Anton Paar” densimeter DMA 5000 . The Charts below display vertical profiles of potential temperature, quasi-salinity and potential density.
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