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COSEM - COntaminant Spread in the Eastern Mediterranean

COSEM (COntainment Spread in the Eastern Mediterranean) is an interdisciplinary project, aimed at characterization, monitoring and short term prediction of transport mechanisms in the surface waters of the eastern Mediterranean. This is done by integrating information from three independent sources:
  1. Satellite observations
  2. in situ measurements
  3. high resolution circulation model
Transport properties, as well as their impact on different biogeochemical parameters, are quantified using recently developed Lagrangian analysis methods . The knowledge gathered throughout the project is used for establishment of near real time system for monitoring transport pathways in the eastern Mediterranean.

For additional information please contact Yoav Lehahn

Simulation of tracer distribution from sources near the eastern coast of the Mediterranean(green) and FSLE analysis (red). The final frame shows a MODIS-Aqua chlorophyll image.


The COSEM project involves researchers from four Israeli institutes:

Tel Aviv
Israel Oceanographic &
Limnological Research
Hebrew University
of Jerusalem
Haifa University

and is financed by the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST 3-6490).
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