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Structure and Content of Cast Database

The database contains vertical profiles of physical, chemical and biological data acquired with Bottle casts (Rosette), CTD casts, XBT casts and Argo floats data.

All data are grouped by casts and cruises in datasets with unique cruise name and can be downloaded via the interactive data selection and download interface. Data from one cruise collected by different equipment (CTD, Bottles) are grouped in different datasets. Sometimes different parameters from the same cruise can be also grouped in different datasets, because they have different data providers.

Metadata includes space and time coordinates of casts. Ship name, country name, data provider information corresponds to SDN vocabularies: ICES Platform Codes (C17), ISO countries (C32), SDN European Directory of Marine Organisations (EDMO). Data types are corresponds to SDN CSR data categories (C77) vocabulary. Project name is defined by data provider.

Parameter names are defined by SDN vocabularies Parameter Discovery Vocabulary (P02) as well as by Parameter Usage Vocabulary (P01) - individual measured phenomena name. Data storage units are defined by BODC data storage units (P06) vocabulary.

Structure and Content of Bio Database

Under Construction

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