Data Availability

According to PERSEUS Data Policy and PERSEUS Publication Strategy, the access to each dataset is defined by the data provider during the data submission procedure. The following data availability flags are implemented according to SeaDataNet Data Access Restriction Policies (L08) vocabulary.

  1.  Unrestricted  (free)

    The data are freely available to anybody and may be used for any purpose. Usage acknowledgement may be required.

    Most of the cruises are exported from public available databases MEDATLAS 2002; MATER; WODB0; CORIOLIS; ICES.
  2.  By negotiation  (restricted)

    The metadata regarding the cruises is open but data can be obtained on a case-by-case basis through negotiation with data provider.
  3.  Organization  (for partners)

    The datasets are available to PERSEUS partners only.

All PERSEUS partners are already registered with user username as official e-mail and password as it defined in PERSEUS PROGECTA.

Some of the datasets inherit the access restriction from SESAME data base (all these data will have Unrestricted Access in April 2013). Data will definitely be archived after 6 months from the end of the project and will be made available to the public within the limitations imposed by the European Commission and the Consortium Agreement. According to the EU data policy, all data collected during the lifetime of the project are made public two years after the termination of the project.