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Earth Observation Data from SISCAL
Create a synoptic database of ocean color parameters offshore Israel using Earth Observation (EO) products from SISCAL and integrating them into the National monitoring program
Specific tasks
  • Calibrating existing and new algorithms for Sea Surface Temperature (SST), Secchi depth (SEC), Chlorophyll a (Chl-a), and Total Suspended Matter (TSM).
  • Creation of synoptic database of Chlorophyll concentration.
  • Evaluate the regional distribution of point source pollutions (e.g. river estuaries, marine outlets, power plants, desalination plants etc.)
  • Detect and monitor irregular events of chlorophyll concentration (e.g. algae blooms etc.)
Observing instruments:
  • MODIS Aqua&Terra with pixel size of 1X1km for SST and SEC depth 
  • MERIS RR with pixel size of 1000X1000 m and MERIS FR with pixel size of 300X300 m for the other bio-geophysical data products 
    Since April 12, 2012 ESA has lost connection with the Envisat satellite therefore there will be no MERIS images.
  • NPP/VIIRS with pixel size ~750 X 750 m.
Unfortunately the updating service for this location has stopped because of luck in financial support. We hope to resume the service in the future
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