Units Conversions

Units conversion option available for download a bulk of data in MS Access format.
Measurements data of parameters will be converted into a single unit per BODC suggestion: mapping between P01 to P06 vocabularies.

To use units conversion option:
1. Log in into the system
2. Select data for download on interactive map page and click 'Download'
3. On the next download request page select 'Convert parameters data to a single default unit where possible' check box and click 'Submit Download Request'
4. System will send you email with a link to MS Access file generated per your request (could take 0.5 – 3 hours)
5. In resulted MS Access file, check List_Param_In_Casts table, Conversion_Method column to inspect data of which parameters was converted and how.
6. In resulted MS Access file, each data table in addition to converted values will include original values.
Units Conversion Formulas

The following formulas are used for units conversion:

{source} will be replaced with an original measurement value.
{Molecular_Weight} and {Valence} will be replaced with a specific material values from Conversion Coefficients table below.

P06 (from)P06 (to)ConversionFormula
KGUMUPOXMicromoles per kilogram -> Micromoles per litre{source}*[SIGT]
KGUMUMLLMicromoles per kilogram -> Millilitres per litre{source}*{Molecular_Weight}*[SIGT]/1000
KGUMUEQLMicromoles per kilogram -> MicroEquivalents per litre{source}*{Molecular_Weight}*{Molecular_Weight}*[SIGT]/{Valence}
MEQLUPOXMilliEquivalents per litre -> Micromoles per litre{source}*1000/{Valence}
MEQLUEQLMilliEquivalents per litre -> MicroEquivalents per litre{source}*1000
MMPLUPOXMillimoles per litre -> Micromoles per litre{source}*1000
MMPLUPNMMillimoles per litre -> Nanomoles per litre{source}*1000000
MMPLKGUMMillimoles per litre -> Micromoles per kilogram{source}*1000/[SIGT]
UAAAUABBDegrees -> Degrees True{source}
UCCLUGDCMilligrams of carbon per milligram of chlorophyll per hour -> Milligrams per cubic metre per day{source}
UCCLUGDCMilligrams of carbon per milligram of chlorophyll per hour -> Milligrams per cubic metre per day{source}
UCCLUGDXMilligrams of carbon per milligram of chlorophyll per hour -> Milligrams per square metre per day{source}
UCCLUPMHMilligrams of carbon per milligram of chlorophyll per hour -> Picomoles per litre per hour{source}
UCPLUCMLNumber per litre -> Number per millilitre{source}/1000
UCPLUUUUNumber per litre -> Dimensionless{source}
UGLHUGDXMilligrams per cubic metre per hour -> Milligrams per square metre per day{source}*24
UGM3UMMHMicrograms per cubic metre per hour -> Micromoles per litre per hour{source}/{Molecular_Weight}/1000
UGM3UGDCMicrograms per cubic metre per hour -> Milligrams per cubic metre per day{source}*24/1000
UGMCUMGLGrams per cubic metre -> Milligrams per litre{source}
UGPLUPOXMicrograms per litre -> Micromoles per litre{source}/{Molecular_Weight}
UGPLUMMCMicrograms per litre -> Milligrams per cubic metre{source}
UGPLUGMCMicrograms per litre -> Grams per cubic metre{source}/1000
UGPLUUUUMicrograms per litre -> Dimensionless{source}
UGPLUMGLMicrograms per litre -> Milligrams per litre{source}/1000
UKWNUUUUNot known -> Dimensionless{source}
UKWNUMICNot known -> Micrometres (microns){source}
UMBQUBQLMillibequerels per litre -> Bequerels per litre{source}/1000
UMESUFAAMicroEinsteins per square metre per second -> Watts per square metre{source}
UMGLKGUMMilligrams per litre -> Micromoles per kilogram{source}/{Molecular_Weight}/[SIGT]*1000
UMGLKGPSMilligrams per litre -> Kilogram per second{source}
UMGLUEQLMilligrams per litre -> MicroEquivalents per litre{source}*{Molecular_Weight}/{Valence}*1000
UMGLUMMCMilligrams per litre -> Milligrams per cubic metre{source}/1000
UMGLUPOXMilligrams per litre -> Micromoles per litre{source}*1000/{Molecular_Weight}
UMGLUGMCMilligrams per litre -> Grams per cubic metre{source}
UMGLUPPTMilligrams per litre -> Parts per thousand{source}/[SIGT]
UMLLKGUMMillilitres per litre -> Micromoles per kilogram{source}/{Molecular_Weight}*1000
UMLLUPOXMillilitres per litre -> Micromoles per litre{source}/{Molecular_Weight}*[SIGT]*1000
UMLLUPPTMillilitres per litre -> Parts per thousand{source}
UMLLUPCTMillilitres per litre -> Percent{source}*10
UMLVKGUMParts per million by volume -> Micromoles per kilogram{source}
UMMCUNGLMilligrams per cubic metre -> Nanograms per litre{source}*1000
UMMCUUUUMilligrams per cubic metre -> Dimensionless{source}
UMMCUMKGMilligrams per cubic metre -> Milligrams per kilogram{source}/[SIGT]/1000
UMMCUPOXMilligrams per cubic metre -> Micromoles per litre{source}/{Molecular_Weight}
UMMCUGMSMilligrams per cubic metre -> Grams per square metre{source}/1000
UMMCUMMSMilligrams per cubic metre -> Milligrams per square metre{source}
UMMCUPCTMilligrams per cubic metre -> Percent{source}/1.026*10000
UMMCUGPLMilligrams per cubic metre -> Micrograms per litre{source}
UMPMUPOXMicromoles per mole -> Micromoles per litre{source}/{Molecular_Weight}*[SIGT]/1000
UPCTKGPMPercent -> Picomoles per kilogram{source}/{Molecular_Weight}*100
UPCTUPPTPercent -> Parts per thousand{source}*10
UPMMUCMLNumber per cubic metre -> Number per millilitre{source}/1000000
UPMMUCPLNumber per cubic metre -> Number per litre{source}/1000
UPMMUPMSNumber per cubic metre -> Number per square metre{source}
UPNMUPOXNanomoles per litre -> Micromoles per litre{source}/1000
UPOXUPNMMicromoles per litre -> Nanomoles per litre {source}*1000
UPOXKGUMMicromoles per litre -> Micromoles per kilogram{source}/[SIGT]
UPOXUEQLMicromoles per litre -> MicroEquivalents per litre{source}*{Molecular_Weight}*{Molecular_Weight}/{Valence}
UPOXUMLLMicromoles per litre -> Millilitres per litre{source}*{Molecular_Weight}*[SIGT]/1000
UPOXUPPTMicromoles per litre -> Parts per thousand{source}*{Molecular_Weight}*[SIGT]/1000
UPOXUMMCMicromoles per litre -> Milligrams per cubic metre{source}*{Molecular_Weight}
UPPMUPOXParts per million -> Micromoles per litre{source}/{Molecular_Weight}*[SIGT]
UPPTUPOXParts per thousand -> Micromoles per litre{source}/{Molecular_Weight}*[SIGT]*1000
UPPTUUUUParts per thousand -> Dimensionless{source}
UPRMUPCTper metre -> Percent{source}
USPCUUUUNot specified -> Dimensionless{source}
UVAAUVBBMetres per second ->Centimetres per second{source}*100
UVLTUUUUVolts -> Dimensionless{source}
UNMDUMDXNanomoles per litre per day -> Millimoles per square metre per day{source}/1000
UMBQUUTUMillibequerels per litre -> Tritium units (10**18H/Tr){source}
UMLVUATMParts per million by volume -> Microatmospheres{source}
MEQLKGUMMilliEquivalents per litre -> Micromoles per kilogram{source}*{Valence}/{Molecular_Weight}/{Molecular_Weight}/[SIGT]*1000
UGM3UPMHMicrograms per cubic metre per hour -> Picomoles per litre per hour{source}/{Molecular_Weight}
UPMLKGPMPicomoles per litre -> Picomoles per kilogram{source}/[SIGT]
UKWNUVLTNot known -> Volts{source}
UGPLUVLTMicrograms per litre -> Volts{source}
USPCUVLTNot specified -> Volts{source}
UPNMKGNMNanomoles per litre -> Nanomoles per kilogram{source}/[SIGT]
UAAAUVBBDegrees -> Centimetres per second{source}
UMMCUPNMMilligrams per cubic metre -> Nanomoles per litre{source}/{Molecular_Weight}*1000
UMGLUUUUMilligrams per litre -> Dimensionless{source}
UGMCUSTUGrams per cubic metre -> Nephelometric Turbidity Units{source}
UPCTUPOXPercent -> Micromoles per litre{source}/{Molecular_Weight}/[SIGT]*100
UUPHKGUMpH units -> Micromoles per kilogram{source}
UPCTUPRMPercent -> per metre{source}
ULAAUPDBMetres -> Decibars{source}*[SIGT]
UMLVUPOXParts per million by volume -> Micromoles per litre{source}
UGLHUGDCMilligrams per cubic metre per hour -> Milligrams per cubic metre per day{source}*24
UGPLUSTUMicrograms per litre -> Nephelometric Turbidity Units{source}
UMGLUSTUMilligrams per litre -> Nephelometric Turbidity Units{source}
UUUUUPPTDimensionless -> Parts per thousand{source}

Conversion Coefficients
ALKYZZXXtotal alkalinity  
AMONZZXXammonium {NH4} 181
BPRDCVXXcarbon (organic)12.01074
CORGZZZXcarbon (organic) {DOC}12.01074
DOXMZZXXoxygen {O2}31.9988
DOXYSU01oxygen {O2}31.9988
DOXYSU02oxygen {O2}31.9988
DOXYWITXoxygen {O2}31.9988
DOXYZZ01oxygen {O2}31.9988
DOXYZZXXoxygen {O2}31.9988
MCLPP012chlorine {Cl}35.4537
MDMAP010carbon (organic) {POC} 12.01074
MDMAP013nitrogen (total) 14.00673
MDMAPER1trichlorofluoromethane {freon-11 or CFC-11}137.37 
MDMAPER2dichlorodifluoromethane {freon-12 or CFC-12} 120.91 
MDMAPER31,1,2-trichloro-1,2,2-trifluoroethane {freon-113 or CFC-113} 187.375 
NTOTZZZZnitrogen (total) {PON}14.00675
NTRAKGTXnitrate {NO3} 62.004924
OXYSZZ01oxygen {O2}31.9988
OXYSZZ02oxygen {O2}31.9988
SLCAAATXsilicate {SiO4} 122.062
TCO2MSXXcarbon (total inorganic) {TCO2} 44.00956
TCO2ZZXXcarbon (total inorganic) {TCO2} 44.00956
TNRPDCTXcarbon (inorganic) {DIC respiration}12.01074
TOCHWCZZcarbohydrates (total)  
TPHSVLPTphosphorus 30.973765