ODV Data Submission

If you’re facing any problems with data formatting or upload process, please contact us and we will add your data manually or help you to correct formatting.

1 Upload Data File
2 Parameters Setting
3 Fill Cruise Metadata
4 Finish

Below is the list of parameters, that we found in uploaded data set file.
Each parameter has to be mapped to Parameters P01 and Units P06 codes of BODC.
Please fill missed codes using parameters code search, click 'Validate' and 'Continue' if validation successed. (frequently used parameters table may help you to find codes faster)
If you don't need some of parameters to be imported to the database, please uncheck 'For Import' checkbox.

Parameters Can't find the data set. The id is invalid.

Parameters Code Search

Frequently Used Parameters

P01 Code P01 Term P06 Code P06 Term
PRESPR01 Pressure (spatial co-ordinate) exerted by the water body by profiling pressure sensor and corrected to read zero at sea level UPDB Decibars
TEMPPR01 Temperature of the water body UPAA Degrees Celsius
PSALZZXX Practical salinity of the water body by computation using UNESCO 1983 algorithm UPPT Parts per thousand
DOXYZZXX Concentration of oxygen {O2} per unit volume of the water body [dissolved phase] UPOX / UPPT Micromoles per litre / Parts per thousand
OXYSZZ01 Saturation of oxygen {O2} in the water body [dissolved phase] UPCT Percent
TCO2ZZXX Concentration of carbon (total inorganic) {TCO2} per unit volume of the water body [dissolved plus reactive particulate phase] UPPM Parts per million
PHOSYYDZ Concentration of phosphate {PO4} per unit volume of the water body [dissolved plus reactive particulate phase] UPOX Micromoles per litre
PHXXZZXX pH per unit volume of the water body UUPH pH units
FLUOZZZZ Fluorescence of the water body USPC Not specified
ALKYZZXX Total alkalinity per unit volume of the water body UPOX Micromoles per litre
POPTDR01 Transmittance (red light wavelength) per 25cm of the water body by 25cm path length red light transmissometer UPCT Percent
TURBXXXX Turbidity of the water body USTU Nephelometric Turbidity Units