ODV Data Submission

Oceanographic Data Management supports online data submission: uploading data file in ODV format, which will be automatically imported to the PERSEUS database and included in interactive cast map.

There are 3 simple steps of data submission:

  • Pre-required step:
    Login with PERSEUS project partner user

  • First step:
    Upload the data file in ODV format (tab separated data file with .txt or .zip extension up to 5 MB)

  • Second step:
    Fill parameters information (used to map uploaded parameters names to standard BODC parameters codes). Parameters information will be imported automatically if you use ODV 4 format with 'SDN_parameter_mapping' header.

  • Final step:
    Fill general cruise metadata. Such as ship name, country name, short summary, etc.

If you have any questions or problems with data submission, please contact us.

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