ODV data exchange format

In the framework of the PERSEUS project, we support ODV format for automatic data insert into the database.

Please check an example of a valid data set in ODV4 format or in ODV format

If you’re facing any problems with data formatting or upload process, please contact us and we will add your data manually or help you to correct formatting.


General file format requirements:

The ODV is generic spreadsheet format, preferred for data exchange.

File extension must be .txt
Or text file compressed to a .zip archive, if the original file size is higher than 5 MB.

Comment lines start with //.

Column separation character must be \t (TAB).


Mandatory metadata columns:

The first non commented line must contain the following metadata header labels, followed by parameter names.

Cruise Cruise name

Station Station name

Type Data type: 'B' (bottle) or 'C' (CTD cats)

yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.sss Date and time of casts in ISO-8601 format

Longitude [degrees_east] The format of the coordinate is given in decimal form with point separator

Latitude [degrees_north] The format of the coordinate is given in decimal form with point separator

Bot. Depth [m] Bottom depth.

Pressure column is mandatory in parameters names list.


Optional parameters mapping:

The file may start from the SDN_parameter_mapping marked as comment.

<subject> tag
represents user custom parameter name (any name is suitable for you to understand the parameter meaning, like "my temperature")
Required SDN:LOCAL: prefix. (Ex.: SDN:LOCAL:my temperature [deg])

<object> tag
represents BODC parameter usage code matching your parameter with BODC P01 vocabulary.
Required SDN:P01: prefix. (Ex.: SDN:P01::TEMPPR01)

<units> tag
represents BODC data storage unit code matching measurement units of your parameter with BODC P06 vocabulary.
Required SDN:P06: prefix. (Ex.: SDN:P06::UPAA)

* order of these tags is important

Pressure parameter listing with PRESPR01 BODC parameter usage code is required.

Rest of the parameters names described in <subject> tags should match a data column name. Each parameter data column can be followed by quality flag column named as QF or QV


Optional cruise metadata:

For easier data submission, we propose an addition to the ODV format with cruise metadata, such as ship, data center, country, etc.

The file may include Cruise_Metadata part. It should be in commented lines with following XML tags at the top of ODV file.

<rpOrgName> tag
represents data originator institute.
Required SDNIdent attribute with value as SDN:EDMO: + institute EDMO code

(Ex.: <rpOrgName SDNIdent="SDN:EDMO::963"> Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research (IOLR) </rpOrgName> )

<dataType> tag
represents instrument type.
Required SDNIdent attribute with value as SDN:C77: + type BODC code

(Ex.: <dataType SDNIdent="SDN:C77::H09"> Water bottle stations </dataType> )

<platform> tag
represents ship.
Required SDNIdent attribute with value as SDN:C17: + ship BODC code

(Ex.: <platform SDNIdent="SDN:C17::47SK"> Shikmona </platform> )

<country> tag
represents country.
Required SDNIdent attribute with value as SDN:C32: + country BODC code

(Ex.: <country SDNIdent="SDN:C32::IL"> Israel </country> )

<project> tag
represents project name.

(Ex.: <proje> PERSEUS </project> )