Cruise Information: Endelis_H10

From Jan 23, 2008 to Jun 30, 2009

Related to group of cruises: Endelis


Start: Jan 23, 2008   Jan 23, 2008 0:00:00, Station: A0025    End: Jun 30, 2009

Cruise Metadata
Instrument type: CTD stations Project: Endelis
Country: Italy Ship: Unknown
Data provider: OGS (Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale), Division of Oceanography Contact: De Vittor C.
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Cruise Measured Parameters
Code P02ParameterCasts
AHGTVertical spatial coordinates54
TEMPTemperature of the water column54
PSALSalinity of the water column54

Selected Cast Information   Jan 23, 2008 0:00:00, Station: A0025
Latitude: Longetude: Depth:
45.7955 13.55833 0

Code P01ParameterUnit
PRESPR01Pressure (spatial co-ordinate) exerted by the water body by profiling pressure sensor and corrected to read zero at sea levelDecibars
PSLTZZ01Practical salinity of the water bodyDimensionless
TEMPPR01Temperature of the water bodyDegrees Celsius