Cruise Information: Bilim_1994_April

From Apr 24, 1994 to Apr 28, 1994

Related to group of cruises: Billim Apr-May 1994


Start: Apr 24, 1994   Apr 24, 1994 8:00:00, Station: L13L07    End: Apr 28, 1994

Cruise Metadata
Instrument type: CTD stations Project: Historical datasets (WP1)
Country: Turkey Ship: Bilim
Data provider: Institute of Marine Sciences, Middle East Technical University Contact: Volodymyr Myroshnychenko
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Cruise Measured Parameters
Code P02ParameterCasts
AHGTVertical spatial coordinates41
ATTNTransmittance and attenuance of the water column39
BATXBacteria taxonomic abundance in water bodies27
DOCCDissolved organic carbon concentration in the water column2
SECCSecchi disk depth10

Selected Cast Information   Apr 24, 1994 8:00:00, Station: L13L07
Latitude: Longetude: Depth:
41.21667 29.11667 unknown

Code P01ParameterUnit
CBCCM00ZAbundance of Cyanobacteria (ITIS: 601: WoRMS 146537) per unit volume of the water body by optical microscopyNumber per cubic metre
PRESPR01Pressure (spatial co-ordinate) exerted by the water body by profiling pressure sensor and corrected to read zero at sea levelDecibars