Cruise Information: MATER_MAI8_FEB99_BOT

From Feb 23, 1999 to Mar 8, 1999

Related to group of cruises: MATER_MAI8 1999


Start: Feb 23, 1999   Feb 24, 1999 10:59:00, Station: 0O020    End: Mar 8, 1999

Cruise Metadata
Instrument type: Water bottle stations Project: MAST III/MTP II/MATER
Country: Italy Ship: Urania
Data provider: unknown Contact: unknown
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Cruise Measured Parameters
Code P02ParameterCasts
AHGTVertical spatial coordinates4
CPWCChlorophyll pigment concentrations in the water column4
PPRDPrimary production in the water column4

Selected Cast Information   Feb 24, 1999 10:59:00, Station: 0O020
Latitude: Longetude: Depth:
39.83717 18.94783 869

Code P01ParameterUnit
CPHLZZXXConcentration of chlorophyll-a {chl-a CAS 479-61-8} per unit volume of the water body [particulate >unknown phase]Milligrams per cubic metre
PRESPR01Pressure (spatial co-ordinate) exerted by the water body by profiling pressure sensor and corrected to read zero at sea levelDecibars
SCUPIIPEUptake rate (daily) of carbon {primary production CAS 7440-44-0} per unit time per unit volume of the water body [particulate 0.2-1um phase] by isotope-labelled tracer addition, incubation at unspecified light level, cascade filtration and counting residueMilligrams of carbon per milligram of chlorophyll per hour