Cruises Group Information: Shikmona 1972

From Feb 20, 1972 to Dec 13, 1972

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Group Metadata
Instrument types: Water bottle stations Cruises in group: 6
Countries: Israel Casts in group: 151
Ships: Shikmona, Unknown Duration: 297 days

Gruises Information  
ColorCruise NameShipStartEndCastsMap
47197202201_BOT Shikmona20/02/197229/02/197229
47197205071_BOT Shikmona07/05/197227/05/197230
47197208011_BOT Shikmona01/08/197222/08/197246
47197210120_BOT Shikmona12/10/197212/10/19725
47197211121_BOT Shikmona12/11/197213/12/197240
723520114 Unknown20/11/197220/11/19721