Cruises Group Information: USSR cruises 1950

From Jan 4, 1950 to Dec 27, 1950

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Group Metadata
Instrument types: Water bottle stations Cruises in group: 8
Countries: U.S.S.R. Casts in group: 378
Ships: Unknown Duration: 357 days

Gruises Information  
ColorCruise NameShipStartEndCastsMap
UNKNOWN^837 Unknown04/01/195027/12/1950194
UNKNOWN^838 Unknown17/04/195025/04/195049
UNKNOWN^839 Unknown12/05/195031/05/195032
UNKNOWN^841 Unknown21/05/195024/05/19509
UNKNOWN^843 Unknown29/05/195031/05/19504
UNKNOWN^844 Unknown19/06/195023/06/195028
UNKNOWN^845 Unknown19/06/195023/06/195012
UNKNOWN^852 Unknown27/08/195004/09/195050