Cruises Group Information: CO_6900226-29 2003-2007

From Sep 29, 2003 to May 8, 2007

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Group Metadata
Instrument types: Neutrally buoyant floats Cruises in group: 5
Countries: Italy Casts in group: 43
Ships: Unknown Duration: 3 years 222 days

Gruises Information  
ColorCruise NameShipStartEndCastsMap
UNKNOWN^1 Unknown03/10/200307/11/20031
CO_6900226_20070831_090952 Unknown29/09/200307/11/200312
CO_6900229_20070831_090952 Unknown02/10/200308/05/200712
CO_6900227_20070831_090952 Unknown03/10/200307/11/20036
CO_6900228_20070831_090952 Unknown02/10/200307/11/200312