Cruises Group Information: POEM-BC O91 (NCMR-GR)

From Oct 2, 1991 to Nov 13, 1991

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Group Metadata
Instrument types: Water bottle stations,CTD stations Cruises in group: 4
Countries: Greece Casts in group: 322
Ships: Aegaeo Duration: 42 days

Gruises Information  
ColorCruise NameShipStartEndCastsMap
POEM-BC-O91 (NCMR-GR)_BOT Aegaeo02/10/199113/11/199172
POEM-BC-O91 (NCMR-GR) Aegaeo02/10/199113/11/199189
O91_BOT Aegaeo02/10/199113/11/199194
O91^2_BOT Aegaeo02/10/199113/11/199167